Shorify is an IT service and consulting company dedicated to helping enterprises manage technology investments. Our unique nearshoring model located in Montreal, Quebec provides our clients with the ability to access an actionable capability that delivers cutting edge technology expertise and agile business acumen at a very competitive cost. With deep expertise in logistics and supply chain, our teams are at the forefront in developing cutting-edge solutions for e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, fashion, marketing & advertising, retail, and transportation businesses.

Shorify helps organizations control investments, lower costs and improve performance – all at once. With our team working alongside yours, you will find that your employees have more time for high-value, strategic and client-facing work. As you scale your business, let Shorify serve as an alternative to a costly in-house hire and/or enormous in-house undertaking. We are your complete software development and IT staffing partner.

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Our digital solutions help companies with IT outsourcing services
Our Vision

Shorify brings a new combination of services to disrupt the traditional offshore market. We believe that client focus, continuous delivery, competitive pricing and nearshoring are the key enablers to support fast growing companies in the digital economy.

Partnering with our clients, we become the critical vehicle for helping enterprises manage their software development costs and scale their global businesses. We provide clients with the ability to access nearshore talent, agile process acumen, new technology and new capabilities to realize a competitive edge in today's globalized market place. Every business deserves access to best-in-class technology expertise – across talent, development, and delivery.

Accelerate your business with our Nearshore IT solutions and recruitment
How we work

Our model is collaborative, flexible and tailored to your needs. Here are just a few ways to engage with us:

  • Staff Augmentation: Let Shorify source skilled resources to your project needs for your management.
  • Talent Acquisition: Entrust our recruitment services to find you the right person, at the right time, at the right cost.
  • Projects & Product Development: Form a more extended partnership, handing over full responsibility of your software development or sprints to Shorify.
  • IT Staffing Consultancy: Tell us your needs and challenges, and we’ll draw up an arrangement of commercial and contractual terms that we believe will set the stage for your success.
Working as a collaborative team tailored to meet business critical work