Agile Product Design

Let Agile design define your client experience.

Truly great applications concurrently achieve business goals and make users’ lives easier. Shorify’s product designers know how to create products that marry beautiful design with the ability to solve important problems through end-to-end development, from strategy and research to concepts, execution and validation. We specialize in development for supply chain, finance, healthcare, insurance and payment applications.

Our Agile Project Management approach helps train and support your skilled team

Envision a better way of creating.

We believe that we can take your team and projects to the next level with strong Agile leadership expertise to support your business objectives. Our product designers deliver high-quality design execution in development through flexible and modern front-end components, accessibility that's baked in (not an afterthought), and engaging UI elements that make your product a pleasure to use. Code is our medium. We are a bridge between the visual and the technical, the idea and the execution.

We streamline the product delivery process.

Our Agile approach focuses on building a strong relationship with your team to deliver iterative functionalities, at frequent time frames, for incremental value. Focused on your business challenges, we partner with your leaders and product owners to create immediate value. We also show progress and measure metrics daily, allowing your product to adapt to a market that is constantly changing.

We’re motivated by results and driven by communication.

When you work with Shorify, you have a team focused on delivering functionality and true business value in every iteration. Instead of having to wait for months, our clients are able to track our progress regularly based on their business objectives.

We connect your technology to your customers.

Shorify thrives at the intersection of businesses, ideas and customers. Our product designers have a wide skill set that brings business and software development together. Put simply, we work tirelessly to create beautiful, meaningful products that help your business succeed.

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